Martin Warner was raised in West London, the son of an aircraft engineer. He showed great promise as a potential artist at school but after a brief spell at art college elected for a business career.

Fast forward 30 years and he re-discovered his passion for drawing and painting. Through a number of art masterclass courses, Martin started to exhibit his portraiture and figurative studies. Commissions swiftly followed and he is now embarked on a part-time, MA in Fine Art degree.

“ I have always been fascinated by the human form and in the use of light and shadow to enhance the image, producing heightened drama and a certain mystery. I try to convey a hidden story, sometimes traumatic, to the viewer that I hope stimulates the question, what’s happening here and why? Caravaggio, Hopper, Sargent and Fabian Perez all impress me with their differing and dynamic use of form, composition and light. I hope my work captures at least a little of their inspiration”